Delivering on Value

Among the greatest assets of Health 4 Development is our hands-on experience in healthcare across various types of businesses and the African continent.

We are a team of knowledgeable, networked individuals spanning across a range of skills and geographies.

We hold strong and established country-level relationships, with positive, long-term experience in transaction and investment management – working with investors, investees, business owners and analysts.

Our team is savvy in navigating the logistics, operational, regulatory  and cultural challenges to create value and highly adept at P&L responsibility and scaling a business in challenging markets.

These are key to our value proposition and are complementary to the core focus and expertise of the fund and asset managers with whom we will partner.

Value 4 the Investor

  • The SPV, developing and building true blended stack archetypes.
  • Viable pipeline search, screening and matching to stacks.
  • Analytics feed through and back-up for investors and their advisors.
  • Syndication of instruments, investors, knowledge conversion and relationships on sell-side for exit.

Value 4 Both

  • Market specific knowledge – needs, dynamics and regulations.
  • Relationships with roleplayers in all aspects of the ecosystem.
  • Skills, experience and credibility in evaluating targets while continuously assessing the ability and potential of modelling projections.
  • Execution in coaching and monitoring the portfolio companies to “graduation”.

Value 4 the Investee

  • Securing affordable capital in an appetising performance model.
  • Support in deploying capital and delivering on targeted growth.
  • Managing vulnerability through diversification and integration.
  • Aligning expectations and decisions with actualities and facts.

Health 4 Development provides

  • The organisational and operational understanding and experience to support and mentor investee management in deploying capital, delivering growth and achieving scale.
  • A hand-picked team with proven track-records of building and operating successful businesses in the target countries and in the focus areas of supply of healthcare commodities and services in those markets.
  • Clear understanding of the regulatory and market access requirements for effective operations with deep knowledge of the market dynamics, opportunities and potentials for growth in the target countries and focus areas.
  • Trusted networks of relationships for achieving growth, through partnerships and specialised talent acquisition.

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Delivering on Value